To assure this constitutional guarantee of equal protection and purity of elections, Michigan law provides that poll “challengers” can monitor election officials’ conduct of elections and assure that the election is conducted in accord with Michigan’s Constitution and Election Code.  Individuals who have been designated as a “challenger” under Michigan law are allowed to observe the conduct of the election and object to any irregularities.

Oakland County is attempting to restrict the role of challengers by denying challengers access to absent voter ballot counting locations.  Oakland County will be processing hundreds of thousands of ballots from hundreds of election jurisdictions in these central counting facilities.  Oakland County wants to limit the challengers to a single individual challenger in each building and in so doing, deny other qualified challengers from being present when ballots are processed and counted.

Oakland County’s scheme violates Michigan voters’ right to equal protection, violates Michigan citizens’ constitutional right to “Purity of Elections,” and prevents Michigan voters from having the transparency and accountability provided by Michigan law.


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